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Comics at The Loony Bin

Casts + Crews
Comics @ KPT

The Loony Bin, the Thursday night the Kirribilli Pub Theatre put aside solely for stand-up comedy, became the most successful comedy venue in Sydney. Each night was packed to capacity within 15 minutes of the doors opening at 6.30pm. This success can be sheeted home to a great array of cutting edge new wave comedians and the brilliant skills of the regular MC, Graham Pugh.

Graham Pugh - live at The Loony Bin (c 1983)


who appeared at KPT's Loony Bin

Graham Pugh (regular MC)

Anthony Ackroyd

Jean Paul Bell

Snert Beutron

Shane Bourne

Saturday Brander

Rhonda Carling-Rodgers

Ric Carter

Fungo Chutney

Marty Coffey

Lance Curtis

Steve Davis

Fingers DeMain

George Faithful

Lucky Fordali

Chris Fyfe

Dave Gibson

Judy Glen

Ross Hohnen

Sam Hunt

Tim Hyde

Steve Johnston

Nick Jones

Billy Jude

Chubby Katz

Geoff Kelso

Kim the Clown

Alan Leong

Anthony Morgan

Jim Pike

Barry Sanford (aka Bazza Banana)

Mandy Salomon

Melanie Salomon

Keith Scott

George Smilovici

Vince Sorrenti


Austen Tayshus


Comedy Roasts

Barry Sandford

roasted by Graham Pugh (MC), Alan Glover, Vince Sorrenti, Rob McHugh, Anthony Ackroyd, Keith Scott, Dave Gibson

Graham Pugh

roasted by Jim Pike (MC), Chris Fyfe, Keith Scott, Kym Goldsworthy, Alan Glover, Rhonda Carling-Rogers, Bill Young.

Bill Young

roasted by Graham Pugh (MC), Frank Gauntlett, Margie McCrae, Keith Scott, Paul Chubb, Steve Johnston, Kim Goldsworthy, Jim Pike, Alan Hornery.


Total Vision

Written and performed by:

Bethany Asmar, Ross Daniels, Clem Lukey and Tracey Robertson

Directed by: Paul Sugars

Produced by Nemisis Ridiculii


The Skirts

Featuring Jennifer Herdon, Pam McGowan, Lisa Taylor and Eleanor Stahl.


Trivia Nights

Hosted by Alan Cinis, Adrian Norman and Kym Goldsworthy

Lance Curtis and Graham Pugh - The Loony Bin


The Barry Sandford Roast

Barry Sandford and Alan Glover - The Sandford Roast

Keith Scott, Tim Hyde, Barry Sandford and Anthony Ackroyd at The Sandford Roast (1987)

Kirribilli Hotel, Broughton Street, Milsons Point, Sydney -1978 - 1988