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Casts + Crews
Comics @ KPT

The entire history of the Kirribilli Pub Theatre from 1978 to 1988
 has been posted online for use by anyone who has an interest 
in the comedy arts in Australia.

Chris Wauchop (SM) Deidhre Wauchop (designer) Alan Hornery (publicist) Bill Young (prod/dir)

The Weekend Shows

(Friday / Saturday)

The Over the Rainbow Show

opened 21st October 1978 (12 week run)

The Jungle Show

opened 20th January 1979  (12 week run)

The Vampire Show

opened 21st April 1979  (21 week run)

The Western Show

opened 6th October 1979  (14 week run)

The 1984 Show

opened 2nd February 1980  (14 week run)

The Robin Hood Show

opened 17th May 1980  (30 week run)

The Private Eye Show

opened  24th January 1981 (12 month run)

The Buccaneer Show

opened 23rd January 1982  (12 month run)

The Secret Service Show

opened 29th January 1983  (12 month run)

The Mad Scientist Show

opened 28th January 1984  (12 month run)

The Bushranger Show

opened 26th January 1985  (12 month run)

The Mental Health Show

opened 31st January 1986  (12 month run)

The Media Murder Show

opened 31st January 1987  (12 month run)

The Future Shock Horror Show

opened 30th January 1988

closed 1st October 1988  (8 month run) – FINAL SHOW

Cast + crew of "The Buccaneer Show" 1982

The Loony Bin

(Thursday night)

Stand Up Comedy

Five comedians + MC each night.

Regular MC - Graham Pugh

First show May 1982

Final show July 1985

Loony Bin goes Sketchaphrenic

opened August 1985

Sketchaphrenic 2 (Wednesday/Thursday)

opened 19th June 1986

Fungo Chutney’s “Quiet Please, there’s a Man on stage”

opened 12th March 1987

The Skirts

a cappella quartet

opened March 1988

Comedy Roasts

Barry Sandford Roast – 30thMarch 1987

Graham Pugh Roast - 17th August 1987

Bill Young Roast – 20th June 1988

Weekday Shows

(Tuesday / Wednesday)

John Howitt’s “Make Mime 680”

opened 25th May 1982

John Howitt’s “The Best of 680”

opened 16th November 1982

John Howitt’s “Funtastic Europe”

opened April 1983

John Howitt’s “Pennies from 680”

opened April 1984

Trivia Quiz Nights

opened March 1987 (Tuesday nights)


opened 20th May 1987 (Wednesday nights)

Total Vision

opened 24th June, 1987 (Wednesday nights)

Hamlet Improvised

opened 3rd February 1988

The Kirribilli Pub Theatre ceased operations on Saturday, 1st October 1988 due to a change of ownership and business plan at the Kirribilli Hotel. 

Alan Bond’s Austhotel became the new owners…and we all remember what happened to Alan Bond! 

Kirribilli Hotel, Broughton Street, Milsons Point, Sydney -1978 - 1988